it’s my birthday.
i’m 23 years old.
i wonder how long i can sleep.
i hope it’s all day.


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i don't care about your lore!
i'll still kick your ass.
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twitter update

Anonymous asked: Lynda

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wow, i haven’t done anything with the sims 3 for 25 days.

ha. haha. hahaha. 

back to skyrim.

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Let the light blind you

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well, i tried… i think i hate it, but it’s too soon to tell.

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Anonymous asked: Surprise!!! Once your beautiful, kind, and amazing self receives this, please send it to as many deserving people as you wish (anonymously, of course). Nothing bad will happen if you don't, it's just nice to know you are wanted and enjoyable to be on someone's dash (and life!). Help spread anon love, you beautiful (inside and out!) person❤️

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