Anonymous asked: I REALLY LOVE TATE'S CUTE ROSY LITTLE FACE A LOT do you use a specific skin, or is that a just blush? do you think you could tell me wcif said blush and/or skin? Much appreciated!

awee! i’m glad you like him, i think he’s pretty adorable too. i use the noodle skin by aphroditeisimmoral on him, but it’s no longer available. for blush i layer a lot of sk-sims and mochi029 blushes. :3

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Anonymous asked: which actions you use photoshop? your photos are perfect <3

i don’t use actions, just topaz clean, contrast, hue/saturation, and selective color. thank you so much for saying so! i think i’m getting a little better. :3

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Into the light.

thenoisyneutron replied to your post: harlow.

Be quiet stop spreading lies

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Anonymous asked: "Blood is thicker than water" is actually only a part of the full saying. The full line is "Blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb". It literally means the relationships and friendship we choose are thicker than the bonds we were born into. Just thought you might like that bit of information :D LOVE YOUR PAGE!!

that’s interesting, i’ve read that somewhere before. there are a couple interpretations of the saying. thanks for sharing. :)

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blood is thicker than water.
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