Anonymous asked: turn up for hwat

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Someone came to pay a visit * u * <3 

Anonymous asked: Your sims are gorgeous , hon! Did u download the sliders mod?

thank you! i do use sliders, lots of sliders. :3 

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Anonymous asked: Please tell me more about her personality, her dreams, what are her goals in life. I just found your blog today thanks to gigasims, and just wow. I´m in love with Camille.

tbh i’m still working on her as a character! right now i’d say she’s kind of just an average, if not a little more naive, seventeen year old girl. i was actually thinking of doing that 30 day character development challenge thing to help myself out, but i’m lazy so we’ll see. i at least want to make her a character profile soon! for now, in her tag somewhere i have a couple facts about her (i’d link you but idk whats up with my internet lately). i plan on trying to make a story with her though, because she is very special to me. hopefully i can get around to that. i’m sorry this is boring, i am so happy you like her though. 

tl;dr: she’s in development cause i suck, will work on soon. and you’re cute. ♥

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Anonymous asked: man camille is gorgeous

wow, thank you so much! (◡‿◡✿)

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~ Dixie & Camille ~

if best friends share everything,
how about your first time too?
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i'll be the one to protect you from your enemies 
and all your demons ☪
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Anonymous asked: Hi, WICF the bruised in your post/92253815688

the bruises are by simsimi but they are not for public download.

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what do you know, you're just a moody kid.
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